Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Install Windows Fonts On Ubuntu

As you work on document processor like ms word in windows or open office. when working with paper Times New Roman especially is often required for college essays, legal docs, and other critical documents that you may need to write or edit.

Times news Roman font is not available in ubuntu instead Ubuntu includes the Liberation alternate fonts that include similar alternates to Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New, but these may not be accepted by professors and others when a certain font is required.
So absolutely u need to install this windows font on ubuntu to get what u need. this post will show how to do it..here it is..
Install Microsoft Font
yeah…microsoft has given their font for free like time news roman, arial etc, u just need to download it from application center like this..
install windows font on ubuntu
Enter the following text in the search box
Click Install on the “Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts”
next enter your password for authentication
install windows font on ubuntu
Wait until the font installed on your computer, time is this depending on your internet speed.
once the process done open your open office document, and then u have a WIndows font just like in microsoft word. Choose font from font drop down options. because the default open office font is Liberation Serif.
yeup i't’s done, now u can finish your paper with windows font as professor expected :D
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